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Acupuncture for Dogs

Everyone has heard about this strange Oriental treatment where they put needles in your body. Not everyone has heard that you can also use it in animals. Yes, dogs, cats and horses are being treated successfully every day in Ireland and throughout the world by vets trained in Acupuncture.

Accupuncture at The Canine Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre is provided by Denis Beary MRCVS - a veterinary surgeon who is qualified in accupucture for animals.

Your first acupuncture appointment

Your dog's first acupuncture consultation will usually take 30-60 minutes to take a full history, treat the animal and discuss aspects of the case. Further consultations are usually about 30 minutes.

Acupoints used by the vet are generally transposed from human acupuncture. We have a skeleton very similar to horses, dogs and cats and so points can be located fairly accurately from species to species. Points can be found all over the body, from the little toe to the tip of the nose. They are areas rich in nerve and blood vessel supply; the skin actually looks microscopically different at these foci. Points are distributed along lines of 'energy' called meridians or channels. These energy highways have associations with the organs and are called, for example, the Bladder Vessel, or the Large Intestine Meridian to emphasise some of their uses. When your vet has taken a history and examined your pet, they will select points that need stimulation to free up 'blockage'. The idea of energy blockage can be thought of as a way of explaining the effects the needles have to make animals and people better.

Stimulation of acupoint sites can be by inserting very thin, one or two inch (2.5cm in cat and dogs to 5cm in horses) needles through the skin to prompt a response. It can also be done by using an intense light source, laser light and by using pressure, a technique known as acupressure. Needles need to be left in for 15-20 minutes and can be stimulated gently by twisting. Once needles are in they are painless. It has been known for dogs to fall asleep during treatments! Needles are removed carefully at the end of the session of 10 - 20 mins. Sometimes the needles have worked their way out themselves and are just holding on by the very tip. Most needles will loosen in the skin. This is a good sign and suggests good response. When we start an animal on a course of acupuncture, the frequency of treatment will depend on the condition, but weekly sessions for 4 - 6 weeks initially is typical.

Treatment Costs for Canine Acupuncture

Please contact us for acupuncture treatment costs.
Usually treatments are once a week for 2-3 weeks and then fortnightly or monthly as necessary.

Most insurance companies will cover the cost of accupuncture for your dog or cat - please check your policy documents. 

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