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Hydrotherapy Testimonials

"Bella, our 9 year old Newfoundland has hip dysplasia and has had surgery for luxating patellas and a torn cruciate ligament. Our vet referred her to the Canine Hydrotherapy Centre to recuperate after surgery, to build up her muscles and stabilise her hip joints. It has been a fantastic experience for her; she's absolutely loving her weekly swim with Ann. The care and attention she gets has given her a new vigor for life. Bella is healthier, fitter and happier than she has ever been. Wishing you continued success."
Maureen Larkin & Bella

"Our Rottweiler, Molly has been attending the Canine Hydrotherapy Centre for the last 3 years after having cruciate ligament surgery on both legs. Molly has come a long way in this time thanks to Ann's dedication and perseverance and has really helped with her socialisation skills in dealing with people and other dogs. We continued to attent the centre every week as Molly thoroughly enjoys her weekly swim and looks forward to it. I would highly recommend Ann and the Canine Hydrotherapy Centre to anyone looking to rehabilitate their pet or even just to give them a treat."
Anthony Bracken & Molly

Spencer on the underwater treadmill"Spencer, our 7 year old Miniature Dachshund suffered an IVDD episode and ended up paralysed. He had emergency surgery to remove the ruptured disc material from his spinal canal and the vet said it was a long recovery process but he had a 90% chance of walking again. We started hydrotherapy sessions with Ann several weeks after the surgery. Ann recommended we try him on the underwater treadmill as that was the best option for Dachshunds based on her experience. How right she was. He had previously refused to swim at another hydrotherapy centre and they were at a loss as to what to do next. Ann however, knew exactly what to do! Since attending the Canine Hydrotherapy Centre, Spencer has made tremendous progress. He can now walk like a very very drunk person but he is making progress week on week. Ann has been absolutely brilliant with him and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to rehabilitate their dog. "
Alan Fox & Spencer

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